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How many of James Durham's works are in print, and does Naphtali Press intend to reprint them all?

I'm aware the his sermons are in print, and I have a copy of Concerning Scandal - I would like to have his complete works.


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From NP, Scandal, Ten Commandments and Lectures on Job have gone out of print (Job had two printings). I am working with RHB on Durham titles now after the success of the Collected Sermons, and we just reissued Lectures on Job and the Practical Exposition of the Ten Commandments should go to press soon as I turned in revised final files yesterday.

We have discussed Song of Solomon and if that gets the green light it would be something I can work on after the first of the year, D.V. Whether or not I can convince them to then move on to the Revelation Commentary will depend on how the previous works have fared. That would leave revisiting my first book attempt from 1990, Concerning Scandal, to revise as I'm sure being a freshman effort it has some mistakes in it. That pretty much is all of Durham's published works.

Until last year I would have said what was known in MS (all sermons I think) were not in good enough shape to consider transcribing and publishing. Only the sermon on Ephesians 4:11-12 was in fine enough shape for that, and I included a smoothed out text in the sermon collection in volume 1 (a straight transcript was published in The Confessional Presbyterian 12). However last year with the discovery of manuscripts of 228 of Durham's Song of Solomon sermons (lacking only the sermons on chapter 1), detailed in The Confessional Presbyterian 13, which are in good state of preservation, that could well be one remaining, but huge, undertaking left of the works of Durham.

I hold out hope a volume of the sermons on chapter one may be discovered, but those would have been preached at least partially while Durham was on the road and chaplain to Charles II in 1650. But I suspect that will be something left for others to consider doing.

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I published two of Durham's books when I had Soli Deo Gloria. They are "The Blessed Death of Those Who Die in the Lord" and "The Unsearchable Riches of Christ." I saw copies of both for sale on Amazon and one on Ebay.
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