Jeremiah Burroughs: gospel conversation transcends the light of nature

Reformed Covenanter

Puritanboard Commissioner
... It is very unbeseeming such as profess the Gospel of Christ to be quarrelsome with their neighbours: Now you shall have some that are of very meek and quiet dispositions naturally, I love to live quiet (say some me, thus far thou mayest come by the light of Nature not to love to quarrel: But now when any doth cause any quarrel, dost thou labour to quiet the quarrel upon this ground: Even as Christ forgave me: O I have found the Lord Jesus Christ, notwithstanding my wretchedness against Him, and all the wrong I have done Him, He hath forgiven me, and therefore seeing Christ will not take advantage against me as He might, I will not take advantage against another: Is it upon this ground?

And dost thou raise thy Conversation with thy Neighbour in keeping from quarrelsomeness, and contentiousness, dost thou raise it to this height, upon this ground, so to forgive as Christ hath forgiven you? I will not forgive only in this particular, or in this less offence, But as Christ hath forgiven me. We shall still have further occasion to mention these things, in opening the suitableness of our Conversations to the Gospel; that is, for the point of Justice, it must rise higher than that of doing as we would be done by. ...

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Puritanboard Commissioner
What a RINO this man was. I mean, who needs a liberal when....

Seriously, this is vital stuff, especially in this age.