Jesus & the Gift of Tongues/Intrepreting Tongues

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I generally hear people talk about the gifts of prophecy, healing, and miracles in relation to Jesus' ministry while still on Earth.

Something just occurred to me. No matter what company I am in (whether more charismatic or non-charismatic), I generally hear about the types of spiritual gifts in the Book of Acts (prophecy, healing, and miracles) in relation to Jesus' ministry while still on Earth. Meaning, the verses in Acts that talk about these gifts could potentially be crossed with Jesus prophesying, healing, or doing miracles, as though to show that the apostles were becoming more like Christ, even if for a temporary time, in the gifts graced by the Holy Spirit. My question is this: what about the gift of tongues or interpreting tongues? Did any of these play some role in the ministry of Jesus? If so, is it clearly said somewhere in the Gospels and I'm just missing it?


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Are you asking if there's any place in the Gospels where Jesus spoke in tongues or interpreted them? If that's the question, the answer is no. Or were you asking if there is any sort of parallel between the life of Christ and the apostolic use of tongues?
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