Johann Heinrich Heidegger's Introduction to the NT (Epistles)

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What are the best modern commentaries on 3 John?

J.H. Heidegger gives us the best of the older...

The Epistle of Jude is small, but full of mysteries.

Let's study Jude together, with J.H. Heidegger as our guide...

Who wrote the Epistle of Jude? the Apostle? some other?

J.H. Heidegger defends the historical view, and critiques the modern view at its first rising.

See Poole's treatment in the comments...

Some have denied the canonical authority of Jude.

J.H. Heidegger defends the Epistle against opponents, ancient and modern...

To whom was Jude's Epistle written?

What is the Epistle of Jude about?

J.H. Heidegger summarizes it for us in 3 sentences! Valuable!

When was the Epistle of Jude written?

J.H. Heidegger defends Apostolic authorship, but nevertheless a comparatively late date...

Less familiar with Jude?

J.H. Heidegger's outline can help!

Unfamiliar with Jude?

J.H. Heidegger provides us with a brief outline that can be memorized in minutes!

Get and read old William Jenkyn's commentary on Jude (recently reprinted)! You will not be disappointed!

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