Johannes Bogerman on the imperfection of our repentance

Reformed Covenanter

Cancelled Commissioner
The most of our perfection in this life (saith an ancient Father) consisteth in the acknowledgement and the bewailing of our imperfections. Therefore the more you are, (according to the example of all the faithful servants of God) troubled with your sins, (as appeareth by the trouble your Excell[ency]: hath of the sufficiency of your Repentance) so much the more may you assure your self, that your repentance is upright and acceptable unto the Lord: David saith, I confess my sins; for there is no rest in my bones, because of my sins: for mine iniquities are gone over my head, and as a weighty burthen they are too heavy for me. Your Excell: must also consider the subtlety of the devil, who as an enemy of our salvation, commonly towards our latter end doth most of al strive with us; but your Excell: must likewise know, that although our sins were as Crimson, they shall be made as white as Snow, even through the precious blood of Jesus Christ, which cleanseth us from all our sins: and therefore consequently that our Faith and Repentance is unperfect.

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