John Calvin on Anabaptist communism

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Commenting on Acts 2:44, John Calvin rejected both Anabaptist communism:

But this place hath need of a sound exposition, because of fantastical [fanatical] spirits, which do feign a commonalty or participation together of goods, whereby all policy or civil government is taken away; as in this age the Anabaptists have raged, because they thought there was no Church unless all men’s goods were put and gathered together, as it were, in one heap, that they might all one with another take thereof. ...

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Not all that familiar with the Anabaptist side of the argument. It's interesting you posted this because I was just speaking with a friend about the church community. The social distancing due to the virus had me thinking about what a community looked like during antiquity. I would attend church on Sunday and attended two bible studies during the week. Now that we are seperated not having that community has been apparent.

Did the Philippians only meet on Sunday or were they together continually? I watched the movie Polycarp on Prime Video and it appears that they all lived together (I know its just a movie). The only way to do that would be to provide for all in your household. If a believer came from slavery, poverty and had nothing then the natural conclusion is that a family might take them in. How can a Christian brother let another brother/sister live on the streets?

So the issue in my mind is more about forceful vs cheerfully giving. This is a church discussion and not the government that I am thinking about. It's the same concept of tithing because God loves a cheerful giver. Loving your Neighbor as yourself means nothing less than giving your all.
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