John Chrysostom Rebuts Eternal Subordination of the Son

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This is from Homily 26 on 1 Corinthians (NPNF I volume 12).

The verse: The head of every man is Christ, and the head of every woman is man, and the head of Christ is God.

Chrysostom rebuts those who while affirming equality of essence, argue for an essential subordination. “‘Nay,’ say they, ‘it is not His being of another substance which we intend to show from hence, but that he is under subjection.’ What then are we to say to this? In the first place, when anything lowly is said of him conjoined as He is with the flesh,” it is of the Economy.

He then show why such reasoning is flawed. If we take the term “head” in the like sense in all clauses, the Son will be as far removed from the Father as we are from Him. Nay, and the woman will be as far removed from us as we are from the Word of God (150).

Chrysostom notes that if Paul wanted to speak of subjection, he would have used the language of slavery, which was readily available.


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I like it. Matthew Henry is my go to for commentaries, and sometimes there is a gem that refutes the eternal subordination. I always pleases me.
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