John Collinges' Anti-Christmas Tract

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Has anyone read John Collinges' 1653 tract Responsoria Ad Erratica Piscatoris. Or, A Caveat for Old and New Prophanenesse in support of the Puritan Sabbath and against Christmas-keeping or does anyone know where to find it?


1653 he [Collinges] attacked two pamphlets, one by Edward Fisher, and the other published anonymously by Alan Blane with the title 'Festorum Metropolis,' in which the puritan observance of the Sabbath was criticised, and the better observance of Christmas day insisted upon. Collinges names his reply 'Responsoria ad Erratica Piscatoris,' and has a dedication in heroic verse 'to my dear Saviour.' He denise that the date of Christ's birth can be fixed.


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I have the images, but they are for personal use only. Any info. in particular being sought?
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