John Downame on divine omnipresence

Reformed Covenanter

Cancelled Commissioner
GOD therefore is all places at once, not only by his virtue and power, but in his whole infinite essence; yet we must not imagine grossly of him, to think that either he is mixed with the Creatures (for that is contrary to his most perfect, single nature) or that by the filth and contagion of the creature himself can be polluted: (for that is contrary to his most perfect holy nature) but in such a sort he is present, as is heavenly and spiritual, and incomprehensible.

And albeit, by nature we seek God in the Heavens, and our Saviour Christ hath taught us to say, Our Father which art in Heaven, that is not in respect of his essence; and as I may say, of his very presence, that he is rather in Heaven then in Earth, or dwelleth rather in his Church, then in prophane Synagogues; in the hearts of his Saints, then in the wicked: but in respect of his working, and more special grace, or of the clearer manifestation of his glory, as he saith, In Heaven is my Throne. And the Prophet DAVID, In his Temple he uttereth all his glory. And that this every-where-presence doth only belong to God, appeareth in that by this note, he differenceth himself from all other Creatures. ...

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