John Durant on the life of love

Reformed Covenanter

Cancelled Commissioner
I Presume your Lordship well knows, that Christ’s love is our soul (and therefore sole) life: Then (and indeed not till then) do we live, when we enjoy divine love: Our bosoms cannot breath forth the breath of life, before Christ breaths in the breath of love.

Indeed, it’s the misery of most, that they are strangers to this truth. To speak to many of the Lord Jesus, and to tell them of a life in love, above what sense feels, and of a comfort, a glory, a happiness flowing from thence, far surmounting what sight fees, is a mystery, which they cannot perceive (nor indeed believe) for tis foolishness unto them. Not only the News-mongers at Athens counted this News which they never heard of; But even the Philosophers there themselves accounted Paul’s preaching of these things a strange doctrine.

But I hope I may without either falseness or flattery say: your Honour is well acquainted with these things. As experimentally knowing, that all your honour, joy, felicity, lies in this, that you know the love of Christ passing knowledge.

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