John Edgar’s letter to the American botanist, John Torrey

Reformed Covenanter

Puritanboard Commissioner
I came across this really odd item of correspondence from the PCI minister, John Edgar to the New York botanist, John Torrey:

My dear Doctor,

I should not have perpetuated the vanity of presenting you with my ugly phiz, had it not been put into my head by our mischievous friend Mrs Shaw. Perhaps however it may stir within your something of the “memory of joys that are past, pleasant and mournful to the soul.” It reminds me this moment of a very lovely one whom you thought like your second self, and who has had her place for years in the General Assembly of the church of the first born. Will you ever visit “Oauld Ireland” again? I am quite on classic ground now alongside Queen’s College and have a warm bed ready for you every day and every night. You will find that since your visit we have become quite scientific. ...

For more, see John Edgar’s letter to the American botanist, John Torrey.

Does anyone here know anything of John Torrey's religious background?