John Flavel

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I'm half way through his book Keeping the Heart and I have to say that I really love this guy!
This is only my second book by Flavel but I loved his Banner of Truth edition on Providence too.

Does anyone out there have any strong recommendations for other Flavel writings? He really seems to resonate with me for some reason -unlike some other Puritan writers who I really have to labor to connect with sometimes.
I'm thinking about getting greedy and going for the whole six volume collection of his works that Banner of Truth puts out ...but I really can't afford it at this time.

Flavel rocks the house!


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Flavel has a catechism on the Shorter Catechism. It is available free online at The Shorter Catechism Project. Click on any catechism question and you will see options to view comments from several expositers, including Flavel. Flavel's comments are typically very good.


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Get "The Fountain of Life" which is a very experimental book on the Person and Office(s) of Christ.


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"The righteous man's refuge" (Works, vol. 3) and "Touchstone of sincerity" (vol 5). Reformed spirituality in four wheel drive, to take you over that rough terrain which other books simply cannot handle.
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