John Hagee: Jesus Did NOT Come to be the Messiah

Discussion in 'Cults & World Religions' started by Dr Mike Kear, Nov 8, 2007.

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  1. Kevin

    Kevin Puritan Board Doctor

    Great idea!!!!
  2. JasonGoodwin

    JasonGoodwin Puritan Board Sophomore

    Well, since you mentioned it, considering the OT dietary laws, that makes him unclean. Having said that, that should also apply to his "theology" (if that's what you want to call it).
  3. JasonGoodwin

    JasonGoodwin Puritan Board Sophomore

    Well, I know that his gross errors are not a laughing matter, but the fact that you magnified it exponentially made me :lol: with you -- not at you.

    BTW, I know this is :offtopic:, but I have something to share with the Board on Country/World News. Looks like our boy Ricky Warren is at it again.
  4. danmpem

    danmpem Puritan Board Junior

    What the junk??? I have always been a little hazy on what Hagee REALLY believes, because nothing I have ever seen of his in the bookstores ever made much sense to me. But this is just ridiculous. So ridiculous I just might have to read it and see it for myself.
  5. JasonGoodwin

    JasonGoodwin Puritan Board Sophomore

    Read it if you wish, but I'm not sure if you'll be able to stomach reading all of his material. I can only handle reading so much false teaching before I feel like :barfy: literally. (Kenneth Copeland comes to mind as well.)
  6. BJClark

    BJClark Puritan Board Doctor

    Maybe they have been shocked into silence, trying to figure out what the heck he is doing..

    I honestly don't know why I am surprised, I've known for years he was a wolf in sheeps clothing; but I guess it is the blantly throwing the wool off his back that surprises so many of us...but it is in God's timing, that the Hagee followers will either continue to follow the man or they will begin to turn to the one True God..

    There will be many of his followers who will be dismayed not knowing where to turn..many will be turning away from Church bodies altogether, in fear of being deceived yet again, by a man...while others will be searching either for another man to follow, or for churches and pastors who teach the we need to be ready to invite them in to drink and sup with us...
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