John Hagee: No Need for Jesus

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Pastor Ivan is correct. We need to pray for revival...but this starts with the individual Christian, particularly if he's a father, husband, or elder in Christ's Church. May it be so.

This is my understanding of revival, that it begins with me. And I need it. And I will seek it.

It would be wonderful to have another Great Awakening like the first that was based not on manipulation of men and using "new measures" but men and women who come under the conviction of sin and embrace the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As Edwards noted, though, this can't be something that men "plan" as if the Holy Spirit has to make an appearance whenever men decide to hold a revival meeting.

I think that any such movement will be very unlike what most Americans have become accustomed to after a couple of centuries of tent revivals and crusades where it is has been manufactured and marketed down to a science.

Point well taken and understood. I see it as you do, Rich. I've never had a revival of the "tent meeting" type in the churches that I have been a pastor of, a series of meetings that we called a revival. I paid a price for that early on as a Southern Baptist, but I held my ground.

Revival will only come when God gives it.

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I knew you did Brother. I was just giving expression to it because some people exclude the notion altogether.

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When the feces that Hagee spreads becomes institutionalized into thinking along with a number of other types of errors, it contributes to a large scale problem of men and women who call themselves Christians who become hardened to the Truth. The same thing happens in orthodox congregations so hard-heartedness is not a one-sided problem.

But this thread is about outright error and the undermining of the Gospel. It's the kind of stuff that is corroding the Church from within and infiltrates the Church in subtle and obvious ways but all toward its destruction.

And, thus, I will unabashedly oppose this kind of error at every turn and point out to men that its genesis is from the very pit of Hell and to run from it with all their might.

I agree Rich. My comment was not directed towards this board specifically. I personally have not been given the motivation others have to spend a lot of words on condemning an error such as Hagee et al. Also I am not speaking of individual navel gazing that should be done, but the sin that lies in our own congregations that are 'orthodox' must be spoken of with the same amount of zeal.



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this is awful this just makes me wonder what kind of person would still supourt Hegge after haveing read this.
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