John MacFarlane on serving a Master whom we love

Reformed Covenanter

Cancelled Commissioner
They who are impelled by fear to relinquish a course they love — they who yield a constrained obedience to the duties they are averse to perform —find that the command of Christ is a burden too grievous to be borne. But let me once hear with the ear of faith the voice of Christ saying, “Come unto me,” and a new era in my spiritual existence is begun. I have received the willing mind, which is the moral power to obey. It is easy to serve a master whom we love.

When my eye, therefore, is opened to see the King in his beauty, to behold the combination of every rare and Divine quality in Him, who is the sum and centre of all excellence, the source and completion of all good, then shall the knee be bowed before him, not in an unwilling or formal homage, but as expressive of the loyalty of the heart.

It is easy to serve a generous benefactor, and when I have been brought to feel my obligation to redeeming love—to know that Christ became poor, that I might be made rich; that he endured the curse, that I might obtain the blessing; that He died, that I might live; that He was crowned with thorns, that I might be crowned with glory—then, no service, no devotedness shall be deemed too complete, to give utterance to the gratitude that warms my bosom. It is easy to do what we love to do, and the renewed heart loves dearly to follow Christ, loves to be like Him, loves to be fitted to be with Him, to see and to share his glory.

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