John Norton on middle knowledge

Reformed Covenanter

Cancelled Commissioner
The Doctrine of the Jesuits, who albeit they teach the concurrence of the first cause, to be necessary unto each operation of the second cause: yet so, as it doth not determine, but is determined by the second cause: thus Bellarmine. So as not fore-going, only accompanying of the second cause: thus Vasquez. So as it co-operates with the second cause, not after the manner of a principle, but after the manner of an action: thus Suarez.

It determineth the second cause (say they) negatively, not by way of influence: which mystical sense of the Jesuits. Hurtado (himself also a Jesuit) opens by a familiar comparison, thus: As (saith he) in case you can write with two pens, and I holding one of them, hinder you writing with it, permitting you to write with the other: this permission compelleth not you to write, you are free to both: but if you write, it must be with that pen which I leave, not with that which I hold in my hand.

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