John Norton on seeing the human nature of Christ in heaven

Reformed Covenanter

Cancelled Commissioner
... The sight of Christ as Man is the next object unto the Beatific Vision itself; as the created grace, which the Man-hood received was out of measure, Joh. 3.34. (yet not simply, for being a creature it is bounded; but respectively, in regard of us, we being unable to measure it) so the glory of the Manhood is out of measure. The Humanity of Christ, in respect of its personal union, far exceeds all the glory of Angels, and glorified Souls. The glory of the Man-hood, is as much as the Creature is capable of; the glory of the Body is derived both from the Divinity, and the glory of his Soul. The fulness of the God-head dwelling in him bodily, doth as it were radiate through his body; hence there must needs arise great joy unto the beholder, both from the eminency of, and our interest in this object. Christ in glory, and Christ in glory ours; as much of the Creator as is possibly visible in the nature of man, will be to be seen in Christ; as much contentation as the Creature can be made partaker of by the sight of any one visible object, will be the portion of the beholders of Christ, as he is Man. ...

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