John Owen on the magistrate’s duty to suppress Romanism and Islam

Reformed Covenanter

Cancelled Commissioner
2dly. Outward monuments — ways of declaring and holding out false and idolatrous worship — he is to remove; as the Papists’ images, altars, pictures, and the like; Turks’ mosques; prelates’ service-book. Now these are of two sorts: —

(1st.) Such things as, in their whole use and nature, serve only for the carrying on of worship in itself wholly false, and merely invented; as altars, images, crosses.

(2dly.) Such as are used for the carrying on of worship true in itself, though vilely corrupted; as praying and preaching; — such are those places commonly called churches.

The first are to be abolished; the latter aright used. I speak as to public appearances; for private disquisitions after such things I may be otherwise minded. The reason of this difference is evident to all. ...

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