John Preston's Work on 2 Chronicles 7:14

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Don Kistler

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John Preston (1587-1629) was one of the most respected of the early English Puritans. These are his 9 sermons on 2 Chronicles 7:14: "If My people," etc., a verse that is often quoted, but hardly ever in its fulness. This 232 page hardback book has been completely retypeset and slightly modernized for readability. It is sewn together using acid free paper. The retail is $25, but your price is $18 plus $8 postage. To order go to The book is due here the first full week of June.

Here are the contents:

Chapter 1
The First Two Doctrines​

1. God Sends Sharp Afflictions on His Own People

2. Though God Sends Very Sharp Afflictions Upon His Own People, Yet Therein His Kindness and Compassions Are Exceedingly Great Rewards Towards Them

Chapter 2 The Third Doctrine

The Lord’s Name Is Called Upon His People​

Chapter 3 The Fourth Doctrine

Without Humiliation No Man Shall See the Lord​

Chapter 4
The Fifth Doctrine

The Lord Will Be Merciful to the Humble​

Chapter 5
Seeking God’s Face​

Chapter 6
Turning From Evil​

Chapter 7
The Difficulty of Turning From Evil​

Chapter 8
Forgiveness to Those Who Are Humble and Forsake Sin​

Chapter 9 Sin Is the Cause of All Calamities
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