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Discussion in 'Movie Reviews' started by Barnpreacher, Jan 25, 2008.

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    I went to see Rambo this afternoon, and I must say I was rather disappointed. Having been a Rambo fan for many years, this latest one was a little too much for me. The violence was extremely graphic. I understand that is what is probably going on in Burma right now, but it was just a little too "realistic" to be passed off as entertainment. There were many insinuated rape scenes in the film. Though thankfully you never saw much in those scenes, it was still obvious what happened. There were a lot of f-bombs being dropped throughout the course of the movie as well. Thankfully there was only one time I can recall that the Lord's name was used in vain. While I appreciate Stallone's effort to try and bring "Christian missionaries" into the plot, I thought the story line failed. At the end of the day the movie made God look like he couldn't save the missionaries, only Rambo could. There were quite a few lines by some of the mercenaries in the film that made this clear as well. One time one of the mercenaries said, "Isn't it ironic? God couldn't save these missionaries, so they send the devil in after them." This to me was blasphemous even though they weren't necessarily using the name of God in a swear word.

    I would NOT recommend this movie to any believer, or any person for that matter. I got up and left about an hour into it. It was simply unedifying.
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    I liked the final...I think...Rocky, too bad this one is a wash.....thanks for the review.
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