John Roxburgh on Christ enduring the wrath of God

Reformed Covenanter

Puritanboard Commissioner
... If the frown of an earthly father will send a sudden chill through the heart of his child, and damp the gayety of his spirits — if the alienation of an earthly friend will cause you the most anxious disturbance, and fill your soul with melancholy reflections — if one drop of God’s wrath in a cup otherwise full to the brim with the elements of happiness, will turn all into gall and wormwood — what inexpressible anguish, what inconceivable terrors, must have been awakened in the filial bosom of the Redeemer in that hour and power of darkness!

O that we would learn from the contemplation of his unknown agonies what an evil thing sin is — what intolerable misery is the fruit of it under the government of a holy God! — the Divine justice, how uncompromising! — the Divine wrath, how terrible! — the love of Christ, how boundless and unconquerable! — and the value of that salvation of which we think so lightly, but which cost the affectionate Saviour an amount and variety of soul-travail of which it will take us eternity to estimate the burden! ...

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