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Are you watchful in your Christian life?

Although watchfulness is not as familiar as spiritual disciplines like meditation, prayer, and fasting, it is just as necessary for a healthy spiritual life. Scripture exhorts all Christians to be watchful, regardless of their station and season in life.

In Watchfulness, Brian Hedges provides a fresh look at the what, why, how, when, and who of watchfulness, drawing principles from Scripture and instruction from believers of the past who have understood this discipline and written about it. Designed for reflection, self-examination, and personal application, with “Examine and Apply” questions at the end of each chapter, this book will chart your course toward greater watchfulness, increased holiness, and deeper communion with the triune God.



Puritan Board Freshman
Do you like the reMarkable? I've had my eyes on it for some time.

The fact that Logos can't run on it is what keeps me from purchasing it.
I thought I'd like it, but wasn't sure. Now that they have a 100% return policy (they are in Norway), I finally figured I'd give it a try. I've watched them from their original Kickstarter days.

I wondered, would I find a spot for it? I love the idea of it, I understand why something for JUST reading/writing. But kinda like Psalm-singing, it's one thing to agree theologically but another entirely to actually practice.

So yah, I don't like it much. I **love** it! You can export from Logos into PDF for those things you'd like to have on hand, if that encourages you. I can't say enough what a delight it is to go through books (I love finding first editions of the Puritan's various works via PDF, for example!), however I find so far that taking notes and organizing is my favorite use.

I really enjoy using Dot S (a template) as my background and just writing away. I'm using it now to go through a few ePub books and PDFs as well. Using it to 'read with a pencil' is truly delightful.

It's best strength, is that it's so so so distraction-free =)

PS - my pastor just grabbed one in time for RPCNA synod, all those documents on the reMarkable are much easier to deal with