Just attended my first OPC meeting

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Puritan Board Freshman
I finally see what I have been missing out on. It was such a joy to worship with them. They prayed. Sang actual hymns. Read whole parts of scriptures. Intimate (not too big). It was great.

If you could pray for the church though. They are moving in future and they have missions. I hope each is done to the glory of God and they retain their commitment and grow in size to more true believers. This church is great and I hope I can serve and play whatever role I can to help (which is gonna be for a while since becoming a member might take a bit).

J.L. Allen

Puritan Board Sophomore
It's Westminster Presbyterian Church in Indian Head
Mr. Goodington,

I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you today! Thank you for coming and worshipping with us this morning. Pastor Bob Tarullo's sermon certainly cut to the heart. Glory be to God.

We had a number of visitors today it seems. Perhaps I can say hello next time.
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