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This is a new release of Matthew Henry's pastoral, yet convicting treatise for those who do not keep the Lord's Day and for those who imagine they do. Unabridged and lightly edited by Jon Norman (for ease of reading). His introduction:

Matthew Henry, in this short treatise, brings a serious but pastoral address to those who profane the Lord’s Day. In a way that only Henry can—as attested by his much beloved commentary—he masterfully expounds biblical truth while applying it directly to our hearts. Henry is known to be pastoral, devotional, eloquent, and thorough in his treatment of biblical doctrine; he is no less so in this. Though he has hard words (and rightfully so if we have sinned against God) he draws out the beauty and blessing of the day in a persuasive manner.

This treatise is obviously not the most thorough treatment of the subject—Henry admits that is not his intention—but it is one of the most convicting. Whether you are a Christian that openly profanes the day in word, thought, and action, or one that, like the Pharisee, looks at others and says, “God, thank you that I am not like these, that goes out to lunch after church or watches sports on the Lord’s Day” while profaning the day in secret or in your heart, I believe you will—or should—benefit from reading this treatise.

May God give us, individually and corporately, a renewed interest in keeping His day holy. May we be drawn to the beautiful gift He has given us to worship him corporately, to marvel at His goodness, to celebrate the work of Jesus Christ, to spend time in family or private worship, to rest from the present world and its care, and to prepare ourselves for the next. Our rest, the Sabbath, is truly a heaven on earth—and God has made a day “for man” to have a taste of the heavenly rest that awaits the people of God.

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The only one I'm aware of is within the two-volume reprint of Henry's works. Baker Books did it I think.
Without opening your Kindle file, I'm pretty sure this is the same work by Matthew Henry, though this is a scan of an early printing, so the language has not been modernized. PDF, ePub, and Kindle options.
[jump to "page" 258 of the PDF for the first page of "The Sabbath"

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