Lane, Todd, and Vic are now Administrators

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I'm pleased to announce that Lane (greenbaggins), Todd (toddpedlar), and Vic (victorbravo) have agreed to be Administrators. Thank you to all three for your friendship and willingness to help us out in the backend of the board.

The board is experiencing about 75% growth per year in Regular Members and the growth will help us manage the board better.

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Yes, congrats!


As the first test of office, I'm starting a thread about headcovering KJV-only women who are attending the opening of Watchmen during Lent on their way to baptize their babies in a EP church.
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Thats a great choice Rich! These are great men of God and I am positive they will continue to be a great blessing to this board!

Thank you gentlemen for your continuing service here! I can say with honesty that i have been edified by your posts here!



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Congratulations, Gentlemen.

Reportedly, there are perturbations and celebrations in the heavenlies!
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Congratulations! I have seen Lane's integrity and learning on his blog as well as here, and know Vic to be something like a modern Christian Renaissance Gentleman, transcending technology and time: Todd has helped to answer my questions patiently quite a few times.


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Thanks for the announcement. One hearty thanks to both you new admins, and the "vets" for maintaining such a fine board.
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