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Discussion in 'The Literary Forum' started by ReformedChapin, Jun 23, 2009.

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  1. Igor

    Igor Puritan Board Freshman

    Thanks, Brian. Is it that bad? I can manage the archaic language (I happen to read much better than write :)) and somehow I trust a Christian (especially, Nonconformist) author more, than a secular one. The more so that I had a course in Logic at my University (I have a degree in Arts), so I am not quite a beginner. Do you think it will be such a bad choice for me? I have already placed an order, but I still can cancel it.
  2. Brian Bosse

    Brian Bosse "The Brain"

    Hello Igor,

    Yes, I think it is a waste of money in terms of learning logic. If you are interested in learning Traditional Aristotelian Logic from a Christian perspective, then I highly recommend Martin Cothran's Traditional Logic books 1 and 2. I have personally interacted with Martin several times (including coffee not far from his house), and we even debated each other formally once. I can tell you that he is very sharp, a Christian and wrote his text squarely from this position. This will be a much better investment than the Isaac Watts book. Cothran's book is intended for 7th through 12th grade, but is a fine text for older students. I cut my teeth on his stuff.

    In the end, Copi is going to be much more comprehensive (covering Traditional Logic as well as other logics). If you can afford both, get Copi and Cothran.


  3. D. Paul

    D. Paul Puritan Board Sophomore

    I was going to note it, but again, does it suit your purpose? Watt's companion book Improvement of the Mind is invaluable in general.
  4. Igor

    Igor Puritan Board Freshman

    Thanks a lot, Brian. I think I will try to get both - perhaps not right now. But getting back to Watt's book - is there anything valuable in it? I could only see the table of contents and it seemed to me kind of interesting (I am more interested in improving my way of thinking and reasoning rather than learning logic).
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  5. Igor

    Igor Puritan Board Freshman

    I received it yesterday. Just started to read it and, men, I can tell you - it is outstanding. I can' t wait to get home from the office and get back to reading (perhaps, because my mind does need so much improvement)! Wish I had this years ago...
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