Looking for a Reformed Church in Sacramento, CA

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C. Matthew McMahon

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I have a young man who is conversing with me about looking for a good church in Sacramento, CA. He is looking for a Reformed Church.

Does anyone have any info on something good in that area? Any help would be appreciated.


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a good church in Sacramento, CA
I'd personally start by checking out the OPC Roseville in https://reformationopc.org/

Looks like there is an RCUS in the area for those that tend more TR.

I'd be cautious with the PCA churches in the Northern California presbytery. I'd also be cautious of PCA churches with "City" in their name. New City Sacramento https://www.soaringoaks.org/our-team The other PCA congregation Grace Sacramento https://www.wearegracesac.org/what-happens-in-a-service

If Korean is an option, several churches in Korean Northwest presbytery.


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I second this suggestion. I visited whenever I worked up that way, and was very blessed.
I was there recently, and really enjoyed meeting and conversing with a lot of the people there. Too bad we never visited at the same time!
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