Looking for MP3s that are no longer available (Sinclair Ferguson and Derek Thomas at PRTS)

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I am trying to find some MP3s that used to be available online, but the original links are now dead.

The first is a lecture on the Puritans by Sinclair Ferguson at PRTS, mentioned here: https://feedingonchrist.org/sinclair-ferguson-mp3-lecture-on-the-puritans/ (the MP3 was at http://www.feedingonchrist.com/files/2009/03/ferguson_puritan_reading_room.mp3 ).

The others are a series of lectures on John Owen, given by Derek Thomas at PRTS, that were posted here: https://tonyreinke.com/2007/06/29/john-owen-derek-thomas/

These have all been linked to on the Puritanboard before, so I'm hoping that someone will have a copy of them lying around that they can share.
Thank you (I did try there already, but must have done something wrong before).
I managed to get in touch with Tony Reinke, who has made the Derek Thomas MP3s available (via the original blog post I linked to) again.
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