Lord’s Day Sermons — 9/17/23


Puritan Board Freshman
Please feel free to let us know what your pastor preached on in his sermon today and what you took away from it for edification and application for your Christian life. Also if you are a pastor, please feel free to let us know what you preached on today!

My church continued our series on Colossians today with part 2 of “12 mind-blowing, heart-stirring truths about Jesus” from the Hymn of Christ in Col. 1:18-20. He discussed Christ being our Head, the beginning of a new creation through His resurrection, the Preeminent One, the fullness of God, our reconciler, and our peacemaker. He made a great point that stuck out to me when he was transitioning from v. 18-19 to v. 20 — Christ is worthy of being considered as preeminent over every part of our lives at all times, yet we constantly fail to do this, and given that the very fullness of God dwells within Him, we expect to find crushing and devastating judgment awaiting us. However, He chose to be crushed by the Father rather than that we should be crushed — the Creator of the universe became a servant and a sacrifice for us. Though all the power which we could never possibly possess belongs to Him, He uses it for the purpose of reconciling us and making all things right. Definitely going to have to spend some time meditating on all twelve of these truths from this week and last week, and am hoping to be encouraged by them, as I have been brutally suffering with anxiety and depression this past week and I feel very weak. Prayers would be much appreciated, brothers. Also partook in the Lord’s Supper today, which I was grateful for.
Sabbath School: WCF 25.2: The Visible Church, discussing the wheat and the tares, contrasting the church visible (those with a profession of saving faith) with the church invisible (those in possession of saving faith), as well as special attention paid to the children of believers being holy or consecrated in a way that is distinct from children in unbelieving households.

Morning Sermon: Qualifications of Deacons, with special attention paid to the requirement that they be not given to wine (1 Timothy 3:3 KJV), with emphasis placed on Timothy, an imitator of Paul, needing to be told to not drink only water (1 Timothy 5:23 KJV) beginning around the 19 minute mark. Very interesting as this was being discussed in another thread just yesterday.

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Morning: Second sermon on Zechariah 3:1-7, with application to how Christ removes our shame.

Sabbath school: I am teaching a class on hermeneutics, today on common types of biblical figures of speech and how to rightly interpret them.

Evening (D.V.): Sermon on Matthew 12:1-12 on Christ's instructions on the Sabbath.
Our text was John 20:1-18 and continued on a sermon from last week that had primarily focused upon the first nine verses.

It examined the way Mary clung to her savior and how Jesus would leave, yet the Spirit would come. This gives us the opportunity for a relationship with Christ that is more intimate than what even the disciples knew.

We were encouraged to press on in that relationship. We were reminded we are image-bearers with the Holy Spirit dwelling in us and not lifeless blocks of wood.
Adult Bible Class: 1689LBCF Chapter 8 Paragraphs 5-8 on the Office of the Mediator. We looked at some of the "whole world" passages and how to understand them in light of John 10 and other passages that clearly show forth particular redemption. We also looked back of the first 8 chapters, reflecting on how these foundational doctrines protect us from heresy.

AM: James 5:19-20. We concluded our series on James, looking at the reality of apostasy (1 Timothy 4:1 and several examples in the Bible and history), the reasons for it (false teaching and deceit, love of the world and worldly influence, persecution and trials, legalism and self-righteousness, willful and deliberate sinning, and a lack of deep roots/a shallow faith), the restoration of apostates (we have to go after them, as they are our family), and the results of apostasy (one's soul being lost and being caught in a multitude of sins).

PM: Genesis 13. Our pastor expounded Abraham's return from Egypt, his repentance and revival, the rivalries that he experienced, his resolution for those, and the reassurance he received from God. He particularly focused on the way in which many South Africans who have the means to do so flee the country to look for greener pastures, as we face many problems here, including rampant corruption, high joblessness, high crime rate, and collapsing infrastructure. God has placed us where we are for a reason; there is much need around us and we are called to be salt and light rather than just looking out for ourselves. Also, when one starts to run from life's challenges, it's hard to stop running.
I preached on John 15:1-11 in the AM, "To bear maximum fruit, abide in the Vine."
In the PM, our catechism lesson was Lord's Days 26-27 of the Heidelberg Catechism, "Holy baptism is all about the promises of our God."