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  1. Theogenes

    Theogenes Puritan Board Junior

    Anyone notice the limited determinsim in LOST last night. I thought it was interesting. They still have a long way to go to reach the truth about God ordaining whatsoever comes to pass insuring the absolute certainty of every event. But, I realize that LOST isn't a Calvinistic show!
    Next week some of the mysteries will be answered!
    :banana: :banana:
  2. ajrock2000

    ajrock2000 Puritan Board Freshman

    haha, thats funny I was thinking the same thing while I was watching it.

    Go Desmond, trying to thwart the will of the 'universe'!
  3. Kevin

    Kevin Puritan Board Doctor

    I enjoyed the last 2 episodes. I feel like we are getting closer to some kind of answer.
  4. LadyFlynt

    LadyFlynt Puritan Board Doctor

    Dude! That was brutal. Okay, so is Desmond going to become Charlies bodyguard or will he give up and let Providence take it's course...of course, that makes it sound as though Providence can be temporarily thwarted...still doctrinally incorrect....bummer, but interesting.
  5. Redaimie

    Redaimie Puritan Board Freshman

    I don't get the flash backs, does he dream them or does he keep re-living them. :think: Maybe I wasn't watching close enough but they lost me which isn't all that hard to do.:confused:
  6. LadyFlynt

    LadyFlynt Puritan Board Doctor

    He relives things. Almost like flipping back and forth in parallel consciousness.
  7. Kevin

    Kevin Puritan Board Doctor

    You think? I kept debating that with myself as I watched and by the end I was convincing myself that he was dreaming...

    Perhaps his "experience" of time is not linear...?
  8. LadyFlynt

    LadyFlynt Puritan Board Doctor

    He could not have been dreaming as he knew that Charlie was going to die and how...thus his efforts to constantly come between Charlie and his fate. Not linear, sounds plausible...but he actually relived various parts...thus changing smaller things.
  9. sastark

    sastark Puritan Board Graduate

    I have to disagree. I think what we were seeing was what Desmond was "dreaming" in between the hatch blowing up and waking up in the jungle. There were way too many instances of island-related things happening in his "flashback" to be reliving those experiences. His clock read 1:08, there was a package being delivered to room 815, the microwave in his flat beeped with the same beep that the timer in the hatch made, etc. If the old woman in the jewelry shop was telling the truth, then Desmond was in the hatch for 3 years. After spending 3 years in that environment, taking shifts entering the numbers in the computer, I think lots of island related things would be burned into your sub concious.

    Just my 2 cents.
  10. tellville

    tellville Puritan Board Junior

    What I'm wondering is if Charlie's character is about to get the boot!
  11. LadyFlynt

    LadyFlynt Puritan Board Doctor

    If he is only flashing "back"...then how does he know that Charlie is going to die by this and that and keep circumventing it. He stated at the end that first Charlie was electrocuted...then he went, redid, and circumvented. He said that morning Charlie tried to rescue Claire and drowned...described it in detail...he did a redo and rescued Claire himself the second time.
  12. Kevin

    Kevin Puritan Board Doctor

    I think you are right.
  13. Theogenes

    Theogenes Puritan Board Junior

    IS "you Know who" if you watched it last night, dead??? :wow:
    I hope not because he was one of my favorite characters.
    BTW, I read that they decided to produce three more seasons of Lost with 16 episodes each and then finally end it.
  14. panta dokimazete

    panta dokimazete Panting Donkey Machete

    Is Lost really that good? What can I relate it to?
  15. Theogenes

    Theogenes Puritan Board Junior

    well, it's kind of like a 21st century Gilligan's Island....:)
    NOT! They're on an island but it's not too funny.
    I don't think there is really anything like it. You never know what is going to happen next....
  16. sastark

    sastark Puritan Board Graduate

    I seriously doub that "you know who" is dead. I just don't think they would do that. Besides, Mikhail (the russian with a patch over one eye) was "dead" only to come back, so I doubt the person who got shot last night is actually dead.
  17. LadyFlynt

    LadyFlynt Puritan Board Doctor

    okay, no spoilers yet...I have to watch it online.
  18. bookslover

    bookslover Puritan Board Doctor

    Didn't I just read that they're making 16 more episodes, but that they're going to stretch them out over the next 3 years?
  19. JWJ

    JWJ Puritan Board Freshman

    2010 It will END!

    For you Lost fans like myself the series has three more seasons (It will end in 2010). Each season will be shorter-- consisting of 12-16 episodes with no reruns.

  20. LadyFlynt

    LadyFlynt Puritan Board Doctor

    Okay, I could have done without the whole scarey ghost story in the dark bit.

    I'm glad to see some resolution starting to happen.
  21. reformedman

    reformedman Puritan Board Freshman

    Are you guys talking about a soap opera? If you are, then the dead person will be coming back to life and marry his grandfather for the money.
  22. LadyFlynt

    LadyFlynt Puritan Board Doctor

    Not a soap...

    A true mystery, medical, deserted island, survivors, conspiracy, sci-fi. Drama without the bad acting.
  23. Kevin

    Kevin Puritan Board Doctor

  24. Kevin

    Kevin Puritan Board Doctor

    :up: :up:

    That is a great description of the show.
  25. panta dokimazete

    panta dokimazete Panting Donkey Machete

    I am getting interested...wondering if i shouldn't just wait for the show to end, then buy it...
  26. LadyFlynt

    LadyFlynt Puritan Board Doctor

    You could start buying the seasons now.
  27. tdowns

    tdowns Puritan Board Junior

    Just rent them....

    Why don't you just rent them...my wife and I usually do that, once or twice a year, find a series that we missed or are a few years behind on, and rent the DVD's....

    By the way, outside of a few scenes, the show seems fairly clean to me, considering all the romantic relationships, they do not indulge the usual, sleeping around that is found on most shows.......it's not perfect, but, clean compared to most.

    Do other's feel that way....not...The Others....lol
  28. Storm

    Storm Puritan Board Freshman

    I'm Lost

    Hey...Mr. Downs...you switched your signature picture!

    About Lost...it doesn't seem "unclean" to me. Just creepy. (I can't follow it) I saw one of the guys who lives on the beach sleep with a girl in his tent...but it's pretty tame compared to "Desparate Housewives" and "Grey's Anatomy" (my wife's favorite two shows!)...LOL :cheers2:
  29. Dagmire

    Dagmire Puritan Board Freshman

    I just caught up on the last two episodes today. I thought they were really great. It's nice to have such a consistent story arch. It seems like they were missing it for a while.

    I'm really looking forward to the next episode. :)
  30. Theogenes

    Theogenes Puritan Board Junior

    It looks like a roller coaster ride so buckle up and hang on.....
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