Lots of New Puritan Downloads, Books and eBooks in the works....prayer please.

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C. Matthew McMahon

Christian Preacher
I'm working on a few new works for Jeremiah Burroughs as eBook ready and in print that haven't been published. I'm finished on one, and have some proofing on another. "Zion's Joy", and "The Saint's Inheritance and the Worldling's Portion." Expect them soon.

I also have a number of other works that are in final stages...one by Alexander Henderson, a large biography by Thomas Smith on the Puritans, all the current works of the puritan Samuel Ward, Alexander Mitchell's work on the Westminster Assembly, a new work by Thomas Halliday, a compilation of awesome sermons by the Puritans and Reformers for The Writings of A Puritan's Mind volume 2...

...as well as two of my own theological works and one historical work on the Reformation that I've personally completed.

I have a couple of people helping me out in proofing and typing, and the next few subjects are going to be awesome - like Daniel Cawdrey's, Independencie a Great Schism: Proved Against Dr. Owen His Apology, and Cawdrey's work on worship.

I also have a great book on ordination that needs to be published but my scanner broke and I have to get another one...cash is tight though. It is a special book-scanner that works great in scanning these older books without ruining them.

Also keep in mind that The Puritan Shop has a few new downloads ready to go on a couple of works I just put out.

Prayer please! :pray2:


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Praying for your efforts, Matthew. Just took a rapid tour of your Puritan Shop and will have to get back there soon with a shopping bag!
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