Lucas Trelcatius on Christ’s presence in the Lord’s Supper

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Reformed Covenanter

Cancelled Commissioner
For the Presence of Christ in the Supper, it is needful that it be distinguished, and considered two ways; First, according to the verity thereof, Then, according to the manner of the verity thereof.

The Verity of Christ’s presence in the Supper, in that the Supper of the Lord is considered not as an earthly action only, but as a heavenly, is that, whereby in his Body, and blood, he is believed to be truly, and really present in the Supper, and that both in respect of the signs, and in respect of the Communicants.

Of the Signs: because the body, and blood of Christ are truly present together with the bread and wine, the sacramental signs; not in respect of co-existence, and place, but in a Sacramental manner, in respect whereof, this presence in the Schools, is commonly termed Relative.

Of the Communicants: because Christ is in very deed present, in the hearts of them that believe, even altogether with the same, and such a presence, as the communion of his body, is exhibited unto them in the Supper: and this presence is Real: yet neither presence is corporal: for by faith (as Ambrose saith,) Christ is touched, not by body. ...

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