Lucas Trelcatius on those excluded from the Lord’s Supper

Reformed Covenanter

Cancelled Commissioner
The Matter, or Subject, partaking the Supper, are all they, who, being by Baptism made the members of the Church, and now, being of years, profess sound doctrine, and have the testimony of a holy life.

From the circumscription of this Subject, are excluded first, the dead, or they that are departed this life; from whom, both the power of using the Sacrament is taken away, and unto whom all the use thereof is in vain, & ineffectual; as also the use of the preaching of the Gospel, whereof the Sacraments are appendants. Secondly, the Sick like to die: for Christ would have this communion not to be private, and domestical, but ecclesiastical, and public: neither doth the want, but the contempt of the same hurt the party that doth not communicate, though peradventure there be another respect to be had concerning them that have slipped, and that are Excommunicated out of the church, and concerning prisoners, who are to be punished, and are now penitent. ...

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