Lying in the service of God (Wolfgang Musculus)

Reformed Covenanter

Puritanboard Commissioner
Lying in the service of God is diabolical and a sure way of suppressing any respect for religion. On the contrary, to speak and write what is true is a divine gift and the strongest foundation of true religion. Even if it is not recognized at the time, once the truth comes to light it dispels the shadows of the liars and confounds all those who follow them.

Wolfgang Musculus, In Epistolas Apostoli Pauli ad Galatas et Ephesios Commentarii (Basel, 1561). Quoted in Gerald L. Bray, Timothy F. George, Scott M. Manetsch (eds), Reformation Commentary on Scripture X: Galatians, Ephesians (Downers Grove IL: IVP Academic, 2011), p. 43.