Machen's Christianity and Liberalism

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In March, I'll be leading my church's Men's Breakfast Fellowship on a discussion of Machen's Christianity and Liberalism. I'm reading it for the first time and have started to blog an outline of the book (see the first installment here: The Ruling Elder: An Outline of Christianity and Liberalism, Part 1: Introduction) to help me prepare.

I'm wondering, have any of you read it? Have any of you ever lead a discussion/taught a class based on it? Any tips or advice for me? I'll have about 45 minutes to an hour to teach.

One thing that has struck me while reading is how applicable this 91-year-old book is today! So little has changed, it seems.


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I've read it (and thought it was fantastic) but have never been through a discussion on it. I'll look forward to seeing your thoughts as you go through your men's fellowship discussion.


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I've read it as well, but have never led any kind of discussion. I thought your outline was pretty good though, and it certainly seems like a good study given the current state of things. I'd also be interested in your thoughts as you go through the study.

Jack K

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I'll think you'll find many here have read it. I tried to lead of study of it once in my college days, but it didn't go well. Others in the group just didn't get what all the fuss was about. They hadn't been exposed much to classic liberalism, agreed with Machen from the start, and didn't really see why his points had to be argued. They soon told me they'd rather just study a book of the Bible. They were probably a different sort of crowd than the one you'll be leading, but since you're a person who tends to be more interested in theological controversy than the average person is (as was the case with me and my group), you may run into some of that.
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