Mary's Genealogy

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Thinking of God's 'blood ties' and being part of His family -- here's an effort about our family tree. (It's an older style, but that probably won't bother here :)).

The blood is flowing backward from the family tree
barbed on a skull of rock mid-history.

The blood is coursing upward from a rock-staked limb,
infusing her with life whose womb fused him.

The earth quaked, and the sea careened birth-wise from death:
the blood between a baby and God’s breath.

The woman Adam called is called once more,
more singularly by a son she bore;

and every soul that hears him will become his bride
when bony earth is put back in God's side.

Then every one will be renamed and every child carried
up-hill to heaven, on the back of the Cyrene

who hauled the tree up-hell, when God had kin to bury.
So Eve will come through Jesus, born of Mary,

back to Adam.
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