Matthew Poole on 1 Samuel (cont. x2)

'Reader, since there is a flood, and vengeance, and wrath upon the face of the world, fly, as the distressed dove, to this ark of the covenant; see how Jesus Christ, the true Noah, a preacher of righteousness, puts forth his hand to take thee in. He is the Son of David, to whom souls that are in debt and in distress may flee, and seemeth to speak to thee, as David to Abiathar, "Abide thou with me, fear not: for they (the world and devil) that seek thy life, seek mine: but with me thou shalt be in safeguard," 1 Samuel 22:23.' -George Swinnock

For the first time in English...

Matthew Poole's "Synopsis" on 1 Samuel 22 is available in its entirety! free and online!

What can we learn from David's deception, and the horrible consequences that follow?

Although in constant danger, David is actually safe in the hands of the Most High!

Poole gives us an overview of 1 Samuel 23...

In spite of his own danger, David was mindful of the troubles of others, and leapt to the defense of Keilah.

Matthew Poole walks us through the text...

Matthew Henry on Covenanting: "Jonathan and David made a covenant now, this third time, before the Lord, calling him to witness to it, 1 Samuel 23:18. True love takes delight in repeating its engagements, giving and receiving fresh assurances of the firmness of the friendship. Our covenant with God should be often renewed, and therein our communion with him kept up."

Precious quotes on the value of friendship in the "Comments".

"But the mode in which God, by the curb of his Providence, turns events in whatever direction he pleases, will appear from a remarkable example. At the very same moment when David was discovered in the wilderness of Maon, the Philistines make an inroad into the country, and Saul is forced to depart (1 Samuel 23:26-27)." -Calvin