McDonald's VS Burger King

Light Headed. I would stop at....

  • I would stop at McDonald's.

    Votes: 29 36.7%
  • I would stop at Burger King.

    Votes: 50 63.3%

  • Total voters
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I'm also old enough to remember when eating a Big Mac for the first time was a right-of-passage into man-hood.
WOW! I don't know about that, but I can remember eating at McD for the first time. I lived a number of years before they came into existence. I remember when there were NO fast food joints.


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Oh yea, you're mom always gets you a dinky little cheeseburger and small fries when you are little, then one day, you go into McDonalds. There are men in robes, the lites dim, and you say, Mom, I want a Big Mac. You then have to swear never to tell the secret, lay in a coffin, chant Mickey D's, Mickey D's, Mickey D's. Then IT arrives on a tray with a order of Medium fries. You sit down accros the table from your Mom, (instead of next to her). You then eat the whole thing (You don't dare say it's to much to eat!). Then you never look at the back of a dollar bill and see the illuminati's seeing eye the same again. :p


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Whataburger? Only those willing to endure life in Texas or OK have that consolation.
We have Whataburger here in Florida, I'm not that impressed.

If the only choices we have are McD's or BK and it's breakfast time, we'd go to BK, because hubby and the kids prefer BK's breakfast over McD's.

Me personally, I have no preference, I don't care for either one.
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