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I’ve observed that your sermons bounce around the Bible and that you don’t do lectio continua through books of the Bible. Fair enough. But what do you use to decide from where to preach? A lectionary?
What do I use to determine my very intentional choices of texts and subjects? ...sensitivity to the Spirit's leading for the spiritual good of the congregation considering the present spiritual state of the church (to the glory of Christ's formation in them) and what Scripture(s) would best suit those spiritual needs (Isa. 6:5, 9). (There's more to it in the process, but that's the simple answer.)
Have you considered doing a video format for these? Greatly appreciate your preaching btw.
Greetings. We have considered that. We would love to be able to do this. But we are in an "internet deplorable" area. Just a signal for the internet is a hard thing, (we are literally up on the plateau, i.e. in the mountains), and we don't have the capability, or really finances, to put into that at this time to make that work. We hope that in the future, once 5g comes around, we can try some things in that way.

Thank you very much for your encouragement. I hope the ministry here continues to be a blessing to you.
I really enjoyed the "I am Thine" series. Aug 1-15.
I'm very happy to hear that (its all of God's grace if he uses anything in that way). To "be" God's and know it, is no small thing. May he give you a greater ammount of assurance in days ahead of that truth.

We will be going through "praise" and Psalm 96 next.
Thanks for the tip - I will study the Psalm a bit in preparation for the series. I am in the odd position of coming to a reformed view while attending a classical arminianist church.
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Ah great thanks! When I saw the outline link I assumed the audio must have had issues this week and didn't check APM. I glad there is audio - I will listen today!