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Spiritual Songs in Six Parts
Ralph Erskine, edited by Dr. Mike Renihan, Transcribed by Michelle L. Renihan

"Ralph Erskine (1685-1752) was a great man of God, a great preacher, and a great poet. Six of his seven volumes of Works - all of them sermons - have often been reprinted in the last two centuries. The seventh volume - a volume of poetry - has not, yet, ironically, this was the most common Erskine volume reprinted in his own day! SGCB is to be commended for republishing this great book of gospel poetry, so that we can once again have all of Ralph Erskine's extant writings in print. Erskine's poetry excels in certain areas, such as the interrelationship of law and gospel. It will enhance your knowledge of God's Word, imbue your theology with discernment and warmth, and move you to worship the triune God with doxological praise." - Dr. Joel Beeke

If the number of Editions of any performance, be a mark of public approbation, Mr. Erskine's Gospel Sonnets have a claim to that distinction, and they may be ranked amongst those of general esteem and usefulness; few books have been so often printed in the same space of time. The present Edition, it is hoped, will be sound not less worthy of public encouragement, than those that have gone before it, as considerable attention has been paid to the correcting, by comparing it with former editions; and every thing is to be found here that has appeared in the most approved copies of the Gospel Sonnets.

Mr. Erskine's Poems, as Dr. Bradbury says,"are greatly to be esteemed; and above all, for that which animates the whole, the favour of divine and experimental knowledge."


I. The Believer's Espousals.

II. The Believer's Jointure.

III. The Believer's Riddle.

IV. The Believer's Lodging.

V. The Believer's Soliloquy.

VI. The Believer's Principles.

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Looks very interesting.

SGCB also has Pastor Mike's book Antipaedobaptism in the thought of John Tombes. This is an outstanding book from my side of the scale.


Antipaedobaptism in the Thought of John Tombes
An Untold Story from Puritan England
Dr. Mike Renihan

This volume is Dr. Renihan's doctoral dissertation and a very useful volume for those who are interested in the history of doctrine. John Tombes (1603-1676) baptist divine, was born of humble parentage at Bewdley, Worcestershire, in 1602 or 1603. He matriculated from Magdalen Hall, Oxford, on 23 Jan. 1617-18, aged 15. His tutor was William Pemble [q. v.] Among his college friends was John Geree [q. v.] He graduated B.A. on 12 June 1621.

He regularly attended Baxter's Thursday lecture at Kidderminster, and tried to draw Baxter, as he had already drawn Thomas Blake [q. v.], into a written discussion. Baxter would engage with him only in an oral debate, which took place before a crowded audience at Bewdley chapel on 1 Jan. 1649-50, and lasted from nine in the morning till five at night. Wood affirms that 'Tombes got the better of Baxter by far; ' Baxter himself says, 'How mean soever my own abilities were, yet I had still the advantage of a good cause.'

He published: 1. 'Vae Scandalizantium; or a Treatise of Scandalizing,' Oxford, 1641, 8vo; with title 'Christ's Commination against Scandalizers,' 1641, 8vo (dedicated to Viscount Scudamore). 2. 'Iehovah Iireh . . . two Sermons in the Citie of Bristoll . . . March 14, 1642, with a short Narration of that . . . Plot,' 1643, 4to (8 May, dedicated to Fiennes). 3. 'Fermentum Pharisseorvm, or ... Wil-Worship,' 1643, 4to (1 July). 4. 'Anthropolatria,' 1645, 4to (9 May). 5. 'Two Treatises and an Appendix . . . concerning Infant Baptisme,' 1645, 4to (16 Dec.; includes an 'Examen' of Marshall's sermon on baptism). 6. 'An Apology ... for the Two Treatises,' 1646, 4to; 'Addition,' 1652, 4to. 7. 'An Anti-dote against the Venome of ... Richard Baxter,' 1650, 4to (31 May). 8. 'Precursor . . . to a large view of ... Infant Baptism,' 1652, 4to. 9. 'Joannis Tombes Beudleiensis Refutatio positionis Dris. Henrici Savage,' 1652, 4to. 10. 'Antipaedobaptism,' 1652, 4to (28 Nov., dedicated to Cromwell); 2nd pt. 1654, 4to; 3rd pt. 1657, 4to (replies to twenty-three contemporary writers). 11. 'A Publick Dispute . . . J. Cragge and H. Vaughan,' 1654, 8vo. 12. 'A Plea for Anti-Paedobaptists,' 1654, 4to (26 May).

[?4?] 13. 'Felo de Se. Or, Mr. Richard Baxter's Self-destroying,' 1659, 4to. 14. 'A Short Catechism about Baptism,' 1659, 8vo (14 May). 15. 'True Old Light exalted above pretended New Light,' 1660, 4to (against quakers; preface by Baxter). 16. 'Serious Consideration of the Oath of . . .Supremacy ' [1660], 4to (22 Oct.) 17. 'Romanism Discussed, or, An Answer to ... H. T.,' 1660 4to (30 Nov.; preface by Baxter; replies to Henry Turbervile's 'Manual of Controversies,' Douay, 1654, 8vo). 18. 'A Supplement to the Serious Consideration' [1661], 4to (2 March). 19. 'Sepher Sheba; or, The Oath Book,' 1662, 4to. 20. 'Saints no Smiters; or ... the Doctrine ... of ... Fifth-Mon- archy-Men . . . damnable,' 1664, 4to (dedicated to Clarendon). 21. 'Theodulia, or Defence of Hearing . . . the present Ministers of England,' 1667, 8vo (dedicated to Clarendon; licensed by the bishop of London's chaplain). 22. 'Emmanuel; or, God-Man,' 1669, 8vo (against Socinians; licensed by the archbishop of Canterbury's chaplain). 23. 'A Reply to ... Wills and ... Blinman,' 1675, 8vo. 24. 'Animadversiones in librum Georgii Bullii,' 1676, 8vo.


Introducoty Concerns

1- New Classification Needed

2- The History and Development of John Tombes's Antipaedobaptist Polemic and the Literature that Produced it

3- The Baptismal Theology: Early Influences

4- Organisation and Exegetical Arguments

5- Theological Arguments

6- Historical Arguments

7- Practical Arguments and a Statement of Tombes' Theology of Baptism

8- Reaction from Tombes' Contemporaries



Appendix: A Short Catechism about Baptism by Tombes

275 Page Hardcover Volume
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