Moderator Abuse!

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Guys, that's my cousin, Sirmon.

I'm familiar with Y'allBonics as my family is from Arkansas. Here's the definition of "Sirmon":

Whennuh preechuh bah done got up inna pull-pit, n'tells 'bout Moser annuh Ten Commandoes, annuh Twelve Apostates n'sich.

Cheers all y'all,



Josh, Josh, Josh, how many times do I have to explain to you that you can't let Sirmon play with the mod control? I know, he asks and asks, but you just can't! Oh, if you people only knew...


Psalm Singa
Alright... I've gotta sign off now... I can't get any work done because i'm laughing too hard at my desk... (that's a description of where I'm sitting - not the object of my laughter).


Psalm Singa
Do I have NO FRIENDS on this board to come to my defense against this blatant persecution????

Backwoods Presbyterian

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[SIZE=\"4\"][FONT=\"Comic Sans MS\"]Do I have NO FRIENDS on this board to come to my defense against this blatant persecution????[/FONT][/SIZE]
Can't you see the violence inheriting the System??? Help, Help!!! I'm being repressed!!!



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It's kinda nice having a token R.C. around here, especially one so high in the organization.
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Psalm Singa
That's it! You have left me no choice!



DJ JapaScot
*realizes that he can never show his face in another reformed church again*

But I do envy the fact that my dad does have a 'custom title' even if it is one so blatantly embarrassing...

Now I know why we live right across the street from a cathedral. It finally makes sense.
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