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Discussion in 'Entertainment and Humor' started by dcomin, Jul 28, 2008.

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  1. dcomin

    dcomin Psalm Singa

    Why the tentativeness Bawb? You say that like it would be a bad thing...:p
  2. BobVigneault

    BobVigneault Bawberator

    On the one hand I am honored to be your brother but let me get accustomed to the fact that I may have to split the family fortune (Vatican treasures) when Dad dies. I was just looking at a little getaway in Tuscany with my realtor.
  3. dcomin

    dcomin Psalm Singa

    I think I missed part of the joke... was there some previous thread or discussion about you being the son of the pontiff?
  4. turmeric

    turmeric Megerator

    Well, it appears from the picture that Pope Benny has not changed his position about beer, at least. Beer smells much better than potpourri in my opinion!
  5. dcomin

    dcomin Psalm Singa

    Dear Joshua,

    I hereby humble myself in sincere repentance and firmly renounce all popery... and potpourri... and prelacy... and prilosec... and bingo; and I recant all Romish dogmas and count them as doo doo. Though I do not deserve your mercy, may I humbly request your most excellent administratorship to remove the Papist brand from my title line and replace it with something more appropriate to my now penitent and deeply sorry condition.

    If it pleases the board to require my family to move a good distance away from the Papist cathedral that is directly across the street from our home, we will contact a realtor immediately and remove ourselves far from any temptation to backslide.

    Your humble servant,
    Father... err... I mean... Doug
  6. ascottishsamurai

    ascottishsamurai DJ JapaScot

    Yeah, well I for one don't recant! Their influence is too far reaching. [​IMG]

    In the footsteps of Martin Luther, I have developed a very bad "habit".
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