Motherhood encouragement


Puritan Board Freshman
Hey Mamas. Any books or resources (or advice?) that were generally encouraging to you as a mother, weary and in the thick of it? I am all ears. :)

John Yap

Puritan Board Freshman
This is side tracking a bit, but there are some great Reformed Parenting groups on Facebook (ugh), where there is support and just general good words and advices to one another.

Miss Marple

Puritan Board Junior
"The Way Home" by Mary Pride radically changed my views on wife and motherhood. Now maybe it is theologically not reformed enough I don't know; I was a newish Christian, raised feminist/atheist, so, I was not as discerning as perhaps I am now. But man I loved that book. I have often thought to re read with my thoroughly reformed eyes but I loaned it out so long ago and did not get it back. . .


Puritan Board Junior
This isn't about motherhood per se but the "Give me Jesus" journals by Well-Watered Women has been immensely helpful for my wife daily in keeping her nourished on Jesus as a mother of five. It's gives helpful structure for her for prayer/Scripture reading. She also greatly appreciates Jen Wilken bible studies.