Musicians you wish could cut out the random vulgarity because they are very talented.

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Anton Bruckner

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Everlast. Man this boy is talented. From his song, Ends, What's it like, Put your lights on with Santana, and White Trash Beautiful, This kinda lonely, watch me shine.

The dude is very talented, but his hiphop background makes him spew vulgarities at random and tempts him to be braggadocious. such an excellent song writer, and has great skill at writing ballades and synthesizing blues, gospel, country and hiphop.:mad:

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Richard King

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Damien Rice put out an incredible CD. I think it is titled "O". It is just really good BUT his other CDs have to be listened to first. Lots of wrong words.


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Hank Williams Jr
I was at one of his concerts and was spellbound by how well he played, even when dead drunk! If pseudo-Country music singers would even try to play as well as he, we could take back country music.

That being said, the hard drinking/cussing in his songs makes him hard to recommend.

Me Died Blue

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Same with Eminem, actually. Believe it or not, so many of his most recent songs in particular are brilliant poetry, yet still have that same unfortunate characteristic here and there.

Anton Bruckner

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why can't they all be like Scott Stapp and convert, or in the least through their manuscripts in the washing machine.

Puritan Sailor

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I love the sounds of some of the Classic Rock guys, especially Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. Great writing and playing abilities with some truly beautiful stuff. But if you listen to the words, it's pure nihilism. I shouldn't be shocked of course since they were a bunch of hippies, but still, it would be nice to see some Christian talents like that.


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Originally posted by Slippery
why can't they all be like Scott Stapp and convert, or in the least through their manuscripts in the washing machine.

What, is Scott Stapp a Christian? I would be very happy to find out that he was...

What about the rest of the band? I met the drummer once or twice, and he seemed VERY humble. I was working in a store (selling Oriental rugs) and he bought a few and I went out to his house and delivered them. He had absolutely NO air of superiority about him! I think he was even more humble than myself!


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Roger Waters and David Gilmour.


Not much vulgarity but the Wall is off the wall. Just don't go see the movie. :barfy:

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Originally posted by Formerly At Enmity
i wish RUSH were not atheists...great musicians...Neil is a great writer..

Alex was suppose to be a convert about 15 years ago. I obviously don't put much worth in these things but appreciate the talent.


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The worlds music...

As someone who comes from a past where nearly all of the bands above I listened to and more, at 17 I was a LSD addict, smoked the bong every night for 1 and a half years, snorted speed, dropped uppers and downers, did PCP at Stonehenge and was a heroine addict at 18 years of age I would strongly recommend as I did when I got saved to smash or destroy in some way the above music and do away with one of the devils strongest weapons in taking people to hell.

No idea on Van the man by the way, all I heard is that he was a Christian.

This a nice Christian hippie type band, they did a nice version of 'morning has broken'

I listen to a lot of Paul Wilbur these days.
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