My daily reading material statement of commitment (April 12, 2024)

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There will be for me 2 kinds of reading, 1st - the kind that i read everyday, and 2nd that which will be read regularly, not necessarily everyday, but not forgetting them and putting them on the back burner, unless they prove to be not the right time to read them.

Here then as it stands, are the 1st kinds of reading material, which i will share on Puritan Board, as a gesture of personal ratification of what specifically these materials are for me, so that others here who share a deep love of this kind of material may know and hold me to it. This list may be added to after i share it, but i must abide by this rule:

The daily readings, the readings i must read from each and every single wake period must not be too much, it must be manageable, reasonable, and allowing a measure of depth for each of them.

Foundational for all Christians is God’s Word, by using helps, of needing helps shows not something to boast of, but of a personal weakness, needing as much help as i can get, through this it is a joy to use as many helps as i can, but i would often overdo it, and i had a flippant, or superficial use of the material at my disposal. There must be a strong, habitual, consistent, and faithful use of the material i am blessed with. From these resources below, and whichever is deemed necessary to cautiously add, are a preliminary stage i must go through before proceeding to succeeding stages. In each and every stage God’s Word will always be foundational and of prime importance.

Top 3 Study Bibles

The Reformed tradition is the more narrow branch of Christianity that i fully subscribe to, hence as those who know these editions know, are listed here in ranked manner from “most” Reformed to “broadly” Reformed. This is according to my understanding, and the first 2 are sort of equal, and will be as said by another member here are best used together.

1 - The Reformation Study Bible ESV
2 - The Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible
3 - The ESV Study Bible


With the Puritans i also mean the Dutch Further Reformation divines, of all uninspired sources, these men reached the highest in Christian Literature.

1 - John Owen - 55 in 1 – to read this, over 600 hours of reading before i dive into Crossway’s volumes, which i hope to read in a particular order that would be impossible as of how they are currently released.
– Christologia

2 - Wilhelmus a Brakel - The Christian’s Reasonable Service – i choose this as the preliminary Dutch resource to go through.

John Calvin – not much i can say about him that hasn’t been said, suffice it to say, he’s pretty important to go through, some might say master, but to master something, even if personally possible, i’d rather not think it possible until i’m more mature in the faith and am less privy to pride.

1 - Institutes of the Christian Religion – 9%

Confessional Standards – in these volumes there are the whole works pertaining to them, the Three Forms volume includes the ecumenical creeds, and the WS has all the parts besides the Confession and Catechisms.

1 - Westminster Standards

2 - The Three Forms of Unity

It wasn't necessary here to say what exactly i want to be reading, but for me personally it is, and my method, which is still i guess evolving should be a personal matter, as it wouldn't be beneficial to others normally, but let me just tack on here why it must be so for me:

1. Through years of binge purchases, each purpose was meant to be fully used at a later period, it is now the time for all the Reformed literature, i have no idea how the rest of what i got will fit in, maybe the classics will come in handy, as a form of light/entertainment reading, the focus however is Reformed and Patristic, and to a lesser extent everything pertaining to Christianity. When certain topics and issues press their way into my awareness as important, perhaps secular books on those issues already gotten will be used.

2. There has to be an expansive selection that is daily focused on, many would say just read one at a time, or 2, but no more than that, and i would at times be tempted for the 2 no more approach, we'll see. Or I'll see, you all will see the fruits.
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Brother, you have made a lot of threads lately. Is this thread we are in one of a discussion nature or just a record of your thoughts?
Brother, you have made a lot of threads lately. Is this thread we are in one of a discussion nature or just a record of your thoughts?
It can be a discussion, but mostly i'm just thinking out loud, and this latest one is just me confirming what i want to hold to, thus negating previous posts which run counter to it.
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Surely everything i say here in PB generally can be a discussion, and i acknowledge that i share too much, need to get things straight in my head by formulating it in words, in my readings, there can be too much freedom, the other day i posted about my kind of reading which is uniquely for kindle users, but after posting that i felt that indeed there's too much freedom used, there has to be some guidance and strictures, a balance between breadth and diversity, and focus and realistic daily accomplishment. Above original post btw would have a cautiously added daily read of Beeke & Smalley's RST, which i soberly now consider to be it for the daily without fail reading spectrum for me. For some it would be too much, for others i'd be seen as limiting myself. All this is couched in a verbiage of heightened seriousness and urgency as a personal corrective and treatment.

A possible avenue of discussion would be when one ought to read Holy Writ, unaided by "helps", my own POV may be contentious if fully explored and expressed, for me personally i feel a humbling need for helps ALL the time almost, and this is partly to do with my environment, which doesn't espouse pure doctrine, is wishy washy sentimentalism, and familial drama i need not go into, but can be helpful to express to a degree so that i both get it out of my system and others may have some guidance to provide, or for those going through similar experiences to know they're not the only ones.

Case in point -- 2 of my dad's brothers consistently and without fail attack him verbally, and tear him down. As a son, i am finding myself in a curious dynamic where i must both have my soul fed by trusted sources, and to provide him, my dad with help and encouragement.
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