"My Destiny"

Discussion in 'Poetry and Song' started by Me Died Blue, May 23, 2007.

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    Here is a Shakespearean-style sonnet I wrote in 2000 (eighth grade), entitled "My Destiny":

    "I came upon a place which I did see,

    A place with much intriguing light it was.

    I came because I thought it was for me;

    I sought a destiny as each soul does.

    With scorn and hate I was cast out of it,

    As if I had no true techniques for such.

    At me was hurled a very careless hit,

    But there was still a jewel I wished to clutch.

    I started searching for another dream,

    A dream that would fulfill my place in life.

    But I could not find any worthy theme

    Which would give me a single thing but strife.

    I then discovered something I still own:

    'Twas that I cannot find my place alone."
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