Nationalism in worship

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Willem van Oranje

Puritan Board Junior
We need a balance here. Patriotism simply means loyalty to ones country, and thankfulness for it. This is a Christian virtue. The church ought express patriotism toward the country in which she resides because it is a Christian virtue, like being a friendly neighbor or serving others. It is just a way to show lawful subjection to authority, as Romans 13 teaches. This must not be allowed to become idolatry, country-worshipping, or overlooking her faults without repenting for them, as sadly goes on in many churches.


Puritan Board Graduate
I guess on the basis of the regulative principle, I do not see any warrant for commemorating wars in the worship of Christ's church. Perhaps it is no problem in other contexts, but no where in Scripture are we commanded to do anything other than pray for our country.
I take your point, but I don't think there could be a problem with also giving thanks for national deliverance - which was always the main purpose of the Armistice day services, rather than commemorating the war as such (not even too clear exactly what that would mean).

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In remembrance of it we sing Psalm 124

Now Israel may say, and that truly,
If that the Lord had not our cause maintained;
If that the Lord had not our right sustained,
When cruel men against us furiously
Rose up in wrath to make of us their prey;

Then certainly they had devoured us all,
...Such was their rage,as we might well esteem....
..So had they brought our soul to death quite down..

...But blest be God, who doth us safely keep!

William Price

Puritan Board Freshman
I am thankful that the Lord ordained me to be born in the USA. However, that is the extent of that. I am a believer of Christ and focus is on God and God alone. Anything we put with God is an idol, and is blasphemous. This includes mixing nationalism in our worship. Sorry, that's not about right... that is right!

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