Need a list of music in the following:

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I am looking to expand my musical boundaries. As I grow older I am appreciating music more.
I am looking for the following: You name the artist and best CD. Than I go out and start my collection. Also, does anyone know where I can a Trinity Hymnal Red edition and the RUF Hymn book for cheap?

Now on to my goal of the thread:
Instrumental Vocal Jazz:
Classical for the upbeat mood of life:
Classical for peace:
Classical Vocals: *Like Katherine Jenkins*
Christian: *I am wanting vocals with a jazz or classical style* I like Indelible grace but want something less poppy more intimate.

I mainly listen to country but as I mentioned I am learning to appreciate more style of music.

So far these are the two artist I am about to pick a CD up from:
Chris Botti : Live in Boston
Katherine Jenkins :Believe *I love her voice*



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Peaceful classical music:
Chopin Etudes and Nocturnes
Much of Albinoni
Non-vocal Handel (I always get drawn into the vocals and can't keep my mind on anything else. Not bad if you want to meditate, not good if you're trying to get work done.)
Bach, see Handel. I find the Organ music jarring which would be considered heretical in some circles.


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For a peaceful (and more "contemporary") classical album check out "Piano Opus" by Brian Crane. Another good classical piece is "The Planets" by Holst, which is one of my all-time favorite classical pieces.

For Blues, I'm a major Jonny Lang fan. His 2006 album "Turn Around" is excellent. Though I don't know where he stands on the theological spectrum, he became a Christian a few years back, and from what I understand, he co-produced this album with Steven Curtis Chapman.


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Well, the list could be practically endless. But to get started:
Classical for the upbeat mood of life:

Paisiello, Complete Piano Concertos
Beethoven, Symphonies (9), Triple Concerto, Piano & Violin Sonatas, Violin Concerto, Piano Concertos (5), Piano Trios (with Queen's Chamber Trio)
Boccherini, Guitar Quintets
Mozart, Piano Trios (with Queen's Chamber Trio)
Haydn, Piano Trios (with Queen's Chamber Trio)
Classical for peace:

Corelli, Concerti Grossi
Locatelli, Concerti Grossi
Handel, Concerti Grossi
Vivaldi, Concerti Grossi
Are you sensing a pattern?

Classical Vocals: *Like Katherine Jenkins*

Ahem. Katherine Jenkins is not doing classical vocals. But here are some eminently enjoyable treats.
Ian Bostridge - singing Bach or Schubert
Rolando Villazón - singing Handel
José Carreras - singing the Missa Criolla
Ramón Vargas - singing 17th and 18th century songs, singing Verdi arias, singing French arias, singing Mexican songs
Carolyn Sampson & Robin Blaze - singing Handel oratorio duets
Susan Gritton - singing Haydn, Handel (with Andreas Scholl) and Vivaldi (with Nathalie Stutzmann)
Cecilia Bartoli - singing anything she pleases, but particular favorites are Opera proibita, Se tu m'ami, The Vivaldi Album
Bryn Terfel & Cecilia Bartoli - Cecilia & Bryn (almost certainly the most lighthearted recording out there)
Dame Joan Sutherland - The Art of the Prima Donna
Dame Margaret Price - singing Schubert's lieder
Luciano Pavarotti & Dame Margaret Price - Verdi, Un Ballo in Maschera (featuring a young Kathleen Battle as Oscar!)
Kathleen Battle and Luciana Pavarotti - Donizetti, L'Elisir d'Amore (don't just listen: get the DVD and watch it)
Kathleen Battle - singing Bel Canto, French Opera Arias, Bach arias, doing Baroque duets with Wynton Marsalis, etc.
And don't miss Juan Diego Flórez singing Rossini.

I'll second the Albinoni recommendation and add Tartini to the mix as well. And Paganini. And Domenico Scarlatti. But I'd better stop now.
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For less punchy contemporary, I like Fernando Ortega.
For secular Jazz, Erin Bode is good
For a wonderful bass/baritone singer, Bryn Terfel is my favorite.


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I personally like to study to Mahler symphonies. Beethoven, Mahler, and Shostakovich nailed the symphony in my opinion.


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Classical for the upbeat mood of life:

I'm not sure if by "upbeat" you mean "happy" or you mean "powerful" so I've divided them:

The Barber of Seville Overture by Rossini
Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto in E Minor

Beethoven's 5th
Summer 3 and Winter 1 from The Four Seasons by Vivaldi
Dies Irae movement from Verdi's Requiem
Mozart's Piano Concertos No. 24 and No. 20

Classical for peace:

My favorite for this is Summer I from The Four Seasons, but it has some upbeat sections too. It's partly the tension between the two that really stirs me.
J.S. Bach, Violin Concerto in E Major, 2nd movement.

It's hard to recommend classical that's one mood or the other because classical music tends to be written with multiple movements where one movement will be upbeat and another will be slow and peaceful.

You can probably tell I'm a big fan of violin concertos.

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For vocal stuff definitely check out Handel's Messiah!


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Speaking of Bach, his keyboard suites are phenomenal and his Goldberg Variations is just him showing off.
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