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I was given a box full of books today. Some I know are good, but others I am clueless. I figured I would list them all here and you guys could help me figure which ones are cool and which ones are paperweights.

Mastering the New Testament-Luke by Bruce Larson

Luke's Thrilling Gospel by Ivor Powell

Gleanings in Exodus by Pink

World Biblical Commentary I Samuel by Ralph W. Klein

Evangelism Explosion by D. James Kennedy

Galatians: Letter of Liberation by Chuck Swindoll

The Message of Ephesians by John R.W. Stott

Galatians: Saved by Grace by Thomas Lea

Gospel of John by Barclay

Tyndale New Testament Commentaries: Luke by Leon Morris

That Ye Might Believe (Gospel of John) by Paul N. Tassell

James: Faith Works by Joel C. Gregory

Willmington's Book of Bible Lists

The Nature and Functions of a Church by Harold K. Graves

Christ Above All: The Message of Hebrews by Raymond Brown

The Intercessory Prayer of our Lord Jesus Christ by John Brown

Nelson's Bible Dictionary

Zondervan Bible Dictionary

The New American Commentary: Luke by Robert Stein

Biblical Backgrounds by J. McKee Adams

The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia volumes I, II, and V

Revelation by Irving L. Jensen

The Preaching of G Campbell Morgan all ten volumes

Any input is appreciated.

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oh yeah and I got the Reformation Bookshelf CD Set

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Iron Dramatist
The only ones I know of that you REALLY need to keep are the Pink, the John Brown, probably the Stott, Morris and Morgan, as well as the Bible Dictionaries, and obviously the Reformation Bookshelf set (what dingbat gave that away!?).


Puritan Board Post-Graduate
Oh do not worry. I did not take it bad. My dad is slowly losing his mind and has been giving all of his stuff away lately. We were cleaning out their house yesterday so that it can be torn down and rebuilt and he just say hey why not take whatever you want.
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