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C. Matthew McMahon

Christian Preacher
"A top-notch, soul-encouraging, biblically-rich and God-glorifying work on Christ's ravishing love for his spouse on Song of Songs 4:9." - McMahon

A Treatise of the Loves of Christ to His Spouse by Samuel Bolton, D.D. (1606-1654)

Samuel Bolton, D.D. (1606-1654) was a Westminster divine and Puritan scholar, and has been praised by many of his contemporaries as a great reformed preacher as well as a humble Christian.

This work by Bolton is a divine encouragement to the needy Christian soul, and a means of drawing in the unbelieving soul to the love of Jesus Christ. His text is Song of Songs 4:9, “Thou hast ravished my heart, my sister, my spouse: thou hast ravished my heart with one of thine eyes; with one chain about thy neck.” This text is something, as he says, which after we have been some while in heaven, we shall be able to understand. Certainly, no one can speak fully understand this text, except those who have the full enjoyments of Christ’s love. Bolton looks to help cast us into its depth, and let it comprehend us. He is very successful in this endeavor.

His doctrine is that the heart of Jesus Christ is exceedingly taken with his church and people. In fact, as the text shows, Christ is ravished by his bride. This comes to be a refreshing encouragement as well as a sober and solemn call to consider this Christ who loves his people so much. The person with the least grace in his church greatly takes his heart and moves him towards an inexpressible love for them, that, as Bolton explains, would sink us down forever in our contemplation of it, being without words, and most astonishing. Is this the way that you think about Jesus Christ and his eye towards you? Is he captivated by you, ravished by you, and in turn, are you then ravished back?

This work will raise your soul to gain you a further love of the Savior who loves his people so much that he came and died for them, gave them all things, and has them forever on his mind and heart, for he is ravished with them in expressible love.

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Table of Contents
Introduction to the Work by C. Matthew McMahon
Meet Samuel Bolton by C. Matthew McMahon
Part 1: The Text Explained
Part 2: Doctrines from the Text
Part 3: Christ’s in Four Ways
Part 4: General Application
Part 5: Particular Application
Part 6: Use of Examination
Part 7: Use of Exhortation

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